Friday, July 31, 2009

US Immigration

US immigration is a process to travel from other nations as an immigrant or non-immigrant to the U.S. A person who desires to travel to the U.S should require visa and follow certain immigration rules and regulations.

Getting an immigration visa is very complicated .It is constantly changing. An immigration lawyer will be able to help with (immigration and naturalization) issues such as obtaining a U.S. work visa or other type of visas like Visitor visas B1, B2 for business visitors, Student visa,L1-Intracompany transferee visas, E1-Treaty trader, E2-Treaty investor, Family visa include K and V (fiancée visa and spousal visa) and green card issues. A US immigration attorney or immigration lawyer deals with issues concerning foreign nationals who enter the U.S either temporarily or permanently. Their line of work involves everything associated with the legal rights, duties, and obligations of foreigners in the United States.

Depending upon the purpose, there are many types of U.S. visas. Mainly visas are divided into two types Non-immigrant visas and Immigrant visas. Non-immigrant visas like: B1 Visa- It is mainly for temporary visitor for business.B2 Visa- This type of visa is for temporary visitors for pleasure.H-1B Visa – It is mainly applicable to persons in a specialty occupation which requires the theoretical and practical application of a body of highly specialized knowledge requiring completion of a specific course of higher education.H-3 Visa-Applies to trainees. This classification also applies to practical training in the education of handicapped children.H4- It is for dependents of H1, H2 or H3 visas.

Immigrant visas provide permanent resident status (Green Card) to foreign nationals to permanently reside and travel in the US. Certain immigration visas also permit to change or ‘adjust status’ (I-485, I-140), which is the process of adjusting the foreign national’s position from nonimmigrant to immigrant without having to leave the US.

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